Arriving In England

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The emigration, which consisted of 162 individuals, departed Copenhagen at 12:30 on the steamship ®Rhoda.® Elder J. Ahmanson was appointed leader of the company from Copenhagen to Liverpool by H. C. Haight, president of the

Scandinavian Mission. The Saints were joyous and bid the Saints of Copenhagen a hearty farewell. After we had passed Dragor Elder J. A. (Johan August) Ahmanson called the brethren together below deck and gave the necessary instructions and teachings. He appointed Elders J.(Johannes) Larsen and J. (Johan) Svenson as his councilors

and P. (Peter) Madsen as secretary. These were

unanimously accepted; closed with prayer.)

Saints from Denmark exiting ship ®Rhoda® with

baggage in tow early on a cloudy, windy rainy morning on April 29, 1856 at 6:00 am. (Description.... TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 1856 Diary of Peter Madsen Tuesday, April 29,1856 . Weather:

cloudy with rain and some blowing. At 6 o’clock in the morning the company went

ashore. We were met by the brethren, Elder Culkon andElder Williams from Liverpool