Heavenly Views Temple Book

A two-year odyssey to travel the nation and photograph all 81 LDS Temples in the United States. The presence of a divine hand where heaven meets earth is evident in the results of this 216-page hardcover book.
Artist: Alan Fullmer
SKU: AF1017445

Words in this book would be redundant. These pictures speak for themselves, invoking the emotions of peace and love abundant in God's works. Each of Alan Fullmer's images in this book is a snapshot of heaven on Earth.

Heavenly Views is the result of Fullmer's two-year odessey to travel the nation and photograph all 81 temples located in the United States. Each temple has a unique, yet familiar spirit. The blessings of each temple flow through the beatify the community in which it resides in special, yet similar, ways. Over the book's 216 pages it becomes clear the exquisite craftsmanship of each temple's construction and its harmony with its surroundings is not happenstance. The presence of a divine hand is evident in the results.