The Responsible Man & Woman Infinity Aluminium Edition Set

The Responsible COuple

Introducing the Responsible Couple

A Special Infinity Aluminium Edition Release

These special Christensen Infinity Editions

has been priced to the benefit of collectors by placing

the larger Responsible Woman at the same price

as the smaller Responsible Man (a significant savings)

Responsible WomanResponsible Man

The Responsible Woman

Carrying the light of wisdom, this woman keeps her head high and leads the way through life by way of the many roles she plays - professional, mother, scheduler, green thumb, pet wrangler, chef and more. No man could ever soar above life’s worries and challenges with such dignity and grace.

The Burden Of the Responsible

We men carry our responsibilities on our shoulders and plod along chasing the ever-present carrot on stick. The key is to realize that these burdens are not chained to us, but choices we made - things we decided to carry with us. Are these burdens at all? They may well be blessings each a necessary part of our personal growth."

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• The Responsible Woman Infinity Edition Fine Art Panel, 24”w x 18”h

• The Burden of the Responsible Man Infinity Edition Fine Art Panel, 12”w x 16”h

• Retail $495.00 each or $990.00 for the pair, unframed • Edition of 350

• Available unframed, for Infinity display

• $1930 special framed package as shown above

• Of course, you can custom frame your purchase